Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

Standing in front of the market to uplift the business proves to be a big deal, whether it can be online or offline. A person has to put serious efforts in order to promote the business in front of the audience.

Offline marketing has been a source of many people by which people display their brands or items. But, there has been a revolution in the past few years and people are approaching more towards online or digital marketing.

About Website For A Business

Almost all of us are aware of websites. We simply use them for our use and many people own their websites as well. After all, they have become a great way of achieving success in business through online terms. As the world is advancing day by day, many people are taking an interest in digital marketing. One of the initial steps is to create a website that contains the information and related content of the business. Now, those who contain less idea regarding web design and development, we will serve them with some general information.

What Stands For Website Design?

Web design stands for the procedure of generating websites that encompasses various features like content production, graphic design, and webpage layout, etc. To create a website, you can hire web design services in India. There is a markup language called HTML (hypertext markup language) by which websites are created. If you take assistance from Ebrand Idea, our web designers will be there to create the web pages with the help of HTML tags that classify both content and metadata of each page.

Components of Web Design

1. Layout

This component is used for the arrangement of various units like graphics, text, and ads. One of the chief aspects in the web world is to assist discover the information they search for a glance which includes consistency, reliability of the design and upholding the balance.

2. Color & Graphics

There can be an existence of various colors depending on the client's choice or according to the web designer. Talking about graphics, there are several things like photos, icons, logos, etc. that can be fixed on the website.

3. Fonts & Content

This is yet another main aspect that matters a lot. The implementation of various fonts can increase the design of a webpage. Along with that, the content is required to be catchy, of a suitable length and easy-to-understood for the viewers.

So if you're also looking for web design services in India, Ebrand Idea is here to assist you. With the combination of technology, compatibility, multimedia, and navigation, a perfect website can become ready to brand your products and encourage the standards of online business.

About Web Development

A web developer is the one who takes a web design that has been generated by the client or a design team and then transforms into a website. Such things are done with the help of writing lines of difficult to understand codes by various languages. This kind of job proves to be a bit tricky because web developers have to take a language that people understand, like English. Then, they have to translate into a computer language like HTML or Python.

If you are interested to hire web development services in India, you can choose Ebrand Idea. There are different kinds of web content creation to look at web development. A developer of this category is mainly classified by three different names, which are as follows.

1. Front-End Developer

He is responsible for taking the website of a client or design team and writes the code required to execute it on the web. Those who prove to be the decent front-end developer, at least three programming languages are known to them like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

2. Back-End Developer

Those who work as a back-end developer have to work harder than a front-end developer. It is because they have to deal with the server-side, meaning that the codes and programs are developed by them which power the server and databases of a website or any application that it contains.

3. Full-Stack Developer

You can understand this term by its word 'full'. A full-stack developer is the one who understands the processes and strategies of both the above developers. It states that such kinds of developers are perfectly positioned to supervise the whole process.


Ebrand Idea is a digital marketing company able to serve different facilities to its clients which include both web design and web development services especially in countries like India. With the help of our assistance, you can create a fresh website to run an online business. Even if you are running a website and it requires some modifications, our web designers will try to bring a change in the existing web pages. Thereafter, you can enjoy the website with a newer and better approach.